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How do I talk with my kids about war and terrorism? Here are some resources that can help you:

Health, Safety, and Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention

  • All About Asthma
    Help kids understand what asthma is, what can trigger it, how to cope during an asthma attack, and how to stay healthy and active if you have asthma
  • Child Safety Forum
    safety tips and more links to kids' safety sites
    Complete site from the Nemours Foundation: general healty, sickness, emotions & behavior, parenting, and much more!
  • Parents' Place
    Health, parenting, activities, consumer information, and more!
  • Kidz Privacy (Information for kids and parents on safe Internet use for kids)
  • Net Effect on Girls and the New Media (The Girl Scout organization commissioned this report dealing with the net effect of the Internet on the emotional and social lives of girls, ages 13-18. The report suggests ways to help teenage girls in making their time online a more rewarding, safe, and positive experience. - PDF file)
  • Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent's Guide to Prevention (drugs, effects, helping kids say no)
  • National Inhalant Prevention Coalition Website (Get information about ever-increasing drug
    abuse using easily accessible inhalants such as correction fluid, video head cleaner, spray paint, glue, helium, toxic markers, nail polish remover, and more. Look for the warning signs)
  • Inhalant Abuse (National Institute on Drug Abuse Research presents this informative report including how inhalants are abused, and descriptions of their effects)

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Parenting Information and Tips

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Kid and Family Activities

  • (planning a vacation? find events calendars and attractions around the country)
  • Family Fun Magazine (craft and activity ideas, places to go, software reviews, and more)
  • Gatefish (indoor and outdoor activities for young children - pasta people, mobiles, pinecone birdfeeders, a crown, dalmatian ears gardening and LOTS more)
  • Kids Academy (activities for early childhood education)
  • FunSchool (educational games for preschool through sixth grade: connect-and-learn numbers, jigsaws, pattern matching, and more)
  • PBS Teacher Connex (descriptions help you select the best PBS shows for your kids)
  • Math at Home (activities for parents to do with kids)
  • Art Sparklers (get the creative juices flowing with these art project ideas)

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Education Information and Resources

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